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Authentic, heritage brand of premium Tequila

Award-winning Tequila brand sold in four varieties: Blanco (silver), Reposado (rested), Añejo (aged), and as a proprietary cordial. Made from mature highland, Weber blue agave, the Tequila brand's quality reputation, the classic bottle presentation, and premium prices position the Company for significant growth in the second-fastest-growing sector of the Global distilled spirits industry. Historically, the Company has focused on growing revenues through promotions and distribution partners, including maintaining a high profile inside Mexican resorts and international Duty-Free airport stores that foster its authenticity as a Mexican favorite. The Company has a significant near-term growth opportunity in the US, Western Europe, South American, China, and other global markets with a more robust distribution strategy. The ownership is ready to sell the business and work with a new owner on a transition and integration plan that fosters continuity of quality product production, revenue growth and materially increases the Company's financial results. A strong management team in both the US and Mexico are excited to be part of the future growth strategies. A prospective buyer will have to execute and return an NDA and Acquirer Profile. Only qualified parties will be provided a detailed Confidential Information Memorandum and other information on this high-growth opportunity. For more information, please contact Michael Hubsmith at

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Undisclosed > Southwest
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Michael Hubsmith
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Earnest money depositLimit for deposit is $50,000

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