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Know Exactly How your Accountant Works for You

Know Exactly How your Accountant Works for You

Accounting is the backbone of any good business. No matter what industry your business is in, understanding the numbers as it relates to the success of your business is paramount to your ownership. Whether you enjoy the numbers side of the business or not, it is essential to understand the bottom line and how the finances work and flow within your company.

Kim Wilson, Chief Accountant at Onward for Business, has been providing accounting services for businesses in all industries for decades. She has seen the ins and outs of how businesses operate, the good, the bad, and the ugly. “All businesses are different, and each business owner approaches the numbers a bit differently. What makes the owner-accountant relationship succeed is creating a truly customized approach.”

An accountant should make the life of a business owner easier. Sometimes it makes sense to hire an accountant full time, in-house, who is there every day. Most times, it makes sense to outsource an accountant that oversees the weekly or monthly books – many times the daily bookkeeping is done in-house and a professional accountant cleans up the process and oversees the monthly financials. The latter arrangement succeeds because it is the most cost effective, operationally efficient, and least time-consuming method for business owners. Find an accountant that will walk in the door as much or as little as you need them to.

Onward for Business lives and breathes small business and that is why we have our own accounting firm. We knew that business owners needed a customized approach so we decided to bring accounting in-house and offer business owners an outsourced accounting practice that will work within their operation to provide exactly what they need on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Our ownership group owns over 20 small businesses in various industries and know the value of an accounting practice that works within the needs of each business – separately, uniquely, and customized. Give us a call if you want to work on your business and feel as though you spend too much time in the books every day. We will help you understand the numbers better, work more efficiently, and save you money. Get a customized approach today and get back to working on what you need to, ON YOUR BUSINESS.