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Podcast: Building a People Focused Enterprise with Culture at the Top

Podcast: Building a People Focused Enterprise with Culture at the Top

Today on #PoisedforExit we talked with Kyla Hansen and Andy Knutson, partners at JAK CPA’s. They’ve done some impressive work in creating and sustaining a strong culture within their organization. Accounting isn’t the most likely of industries to excel in this category, but JAK has it figured out. 

They shared some interesting tactics with us that have worked for them, but suffice it to say that while everything they do to recruit and retain is well, it all starts with an authentic, people focused mindset that serves as an unshakable foundation for the firm. 

They talked about how flexible they are as a firm; working with their staff to help with balancing home life and work life. The supple mindset served them well recently when they were seeking to hire an intern but ended up with a seasoned CPA who was looking for less stress and reduced hours. His former firm said no to his request, so he answered an ad at JAK. Now they’ve both got what they want, and then some!

Recruiting is an all hands on deck, year round endeavor. The firm is always in search mode, regardless of whether there’s an immediate opening. The employees know this too and are encouraged to keep their eyes and ears open for possible right-fit candidates looking for a change. They’ve created a great place to work, where turnover is low and satisfaction is high; a valuable arrow in the quiver! 

For more on the insightful episode, listen here now. 

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