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Podcast: Business Transition Planning: Are You Ready? MNCEO’s Online Course!

Podcast: Business Transition Planning: Are You Ready? MNCEO’s Online Course!

Today on #PoisedforExit we talked with Sue Crockett, Executive Director of the MNCEO, which is a non profit organization working to help business owners navigate employee ownership options through education and free resources. They recently launched a new program for owners that teaches them the basics of what transition planning is, how to start, who’s involved and what to do next. 

Employee ownership options like ESOP, Employee Coop’s and Employee Ownership Trusts are the three ways an owner can sell to their employees vs to a third party. We talked about all three in the show and how the course will not only help with transition planning processes but also educate on these options as well. 

Economic Developers are utilizing this course for outstate companies who need the help and education but lack the resources in outlying areas. It’s become an effective aid in the work they do for the owners who come through their doors. 

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Check out the online course and more about employee ownership!

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Julie Keyes, a life-time entrepreneur and founder of KeyeStrategies, understands what keeps an owner up at night and the balancing act required to work both ‘in’ and ‘on’ the business. The firm’s mission is to help business owners increase enterprise value and prepare for a future exit.

Julie believes in providing outside perspective and mentoring, which made all the difference for her while spending years growing and improving her companies before selling and becoming a business adviser in 2011.