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Podcast: Buying or Selling a Business in a Hot Market

Podcast: Buying or Selling a Business in a Hot Market

On this #PoisedforExit episode we had the pleasure again of hosting Aleesha Webb, President of Village Bank. We talked a great deal about the times being ripe for acquisition! Whether you are looking to sell or buy a business, it’s a great time to do it and Village Bank has the expertise and loan programs to help make it happen. 

Financing a business through the SBA can be one very smart way to make a deal work; specifically through SBA 7a loans and SBA 504 loans. Both are great options, but have different criteria. Right now, the SBA is offering to pay P & I payments for borrowers for 3 months on 7a loans, if you close by the end of September. Aleesha thinks that the program will come back in early 2022!

Sunbelt Business Advisors and Onward for Business are proud sponsors of the Poised for Exit Podcast. The Poised for Exit podcast seeks to help entrepreneurs improve, grow – and successfully exit – their businesses.

Julie Keyes, a life-time entrepreneur and founder of KeyeStrategies, understands what keeps an owner up at night and the balancing act required to work both ‘in’ and ‘on’ the business. The firm’s mission is to help business owners increase enterprise value and prepare for a future exit.
Julie believes in providing outside perspective and mentoring, which made all the difference for her while spending years growing and improving her companies before selling and becoming a business adviser in 2011.