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Podcast: How to Build a Diverse Network and Why it’s Good for Business

Podcast: How to Build a Diverse Network and Why it’s Good for Business

This #PoisedforExit episode featured an interview with Cathy Paper and Matt Tell, who each have their own entrepreneurial interests, but have come together to collaborate on a podcast they produce called “The Allstar Networking Show“, which they record from the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis. Global Market features chefs and artisans from many different parts of the world. The variety of places to eat and shop makes it a must-see destination. Matt’s work is involved in expanding the reach of the Market by producing the podcast, growing memberships and a connection point for the entrepreneurs who’ve established businesses there. 

Cathy’s work at Rock Paper Star has revolved around executive coaching, speaking, book marketing and teaching young professionals how to network. The latter is work that has really expanded the past few years, due to people needing to learn how to maximize their time when we we’re all working virtually. “There’s so much more to networking than just handing out business cards,” Cathy says. “What if you need a connection to a good attorney, babysitter, or movie recommendation?” she said. All of those would come from your network. 

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