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Podcast: Making Sense of Value Creation for Business Owners

Podcast: Making Sense of Value Creation for Business Owners

This #PoisedforExit episode featured Mariano Jurich, Product and Project Manager with Making Sense LLC.  Making Sense takes the ideas of founders and business executives of middle market companies and works to bring them to life. Through software programs, apps, digital optimization and other forms of technology, Making Sense is all about increasing the value of a business, so the owners can realize their best outcomes at time of exit. 

Mariano has been in product ideation and implementation for many years and in various roles. He’s committed to the best client outcomes and because their firm is more nimble than their Fortune 500 competitors, they can really create a long lasting relationship with their clients that not only focuses on logistical goals, but on creative ones. The marriage between logical and creative is the foundation of the work they do, and the end goal is always to increase the value of the enterprise through technological advances

Some clients need help with growth and improvement before they sell the business and some are in earlier stages of growth. Some are in acquisition mode and are looking to lay a stronger foundation for growth through the implementation of better technology. Such was the goal for a recent client who came to Mariano saying “double our revenue without adding headcount”, and Making Sense made it happen. It put the client in a position to be a stronger buyer, and now they are in the process of consolidating their industry; buying several smaller competitors. 

The company has three main locations; Argentina, Columbia and Mexico. Mariano is located in one of their US offices in Dallas, with another US office in Palo Alto.  Listen to the episode!

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