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Podcast: Stop Helping People-Start Working With Them

Podcast: Stop Helping People-Start Working With Them

In today’s episode we interviewed Scott Plum, Founder and President of MN Sales Institute. Scott is a two-time author, podcaster and sales training expert. He shared some really great advice today.

According to Scott, sales people are assumptive people. They assume that the prospect has a problem, but what if they don’t? Prospects want to maintain control, so trying to blast them with all the knowledge you have and solutions you think they need will only turn them off. No one likes to have ‘answers’ shoved down their throat. Scott says active listening is essential in learning how best to ask the emotional questions vs the intellectual questions that are easier to ask. 

Scott says sales people can have many excuses for why they aren’t selling as much as the owner would like. The key to reversing this behavior is in challenging the sales person vs trying to change him/her. Scott specialties lie in doing just that and then some. Go to mnsales.com for more information or call Scott (he really likes his phone to ring!  651-453-1819

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