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Podcast: Structuring Capital with Honour

Podcast: Structuring Capital with Honour

Our #PoisedforExit show today featured Tim Olson, Business Development professional at Honour Capital. Tim’s background in equipment sales uniquely positioned him as a great fit for the typical client at Honour Capital, a firm getting its start just after the pandemic hit, but whose growth has seen quite a trajectory! 

Honour Capital’s motto is “purpose driven capital“. Part of the business model embodies a give-back philosophy. The company started that right out of the gate in partnering with some of its favorite local charities. 

Honour Capital would be considered ‘middle’ financing for companies, in that they work alongside the business owner’s bank, and finance what the bank won’t or can’t do. They don’t take an equity position, just simply a private financing source for businesses who seek to grow, acquire, or recapitalize. Since they are not regulated by a bank, they can get more creative in the types of deals they do, and being industry agnostic makes them an option for just about any owner looking for business financing. All loans are tied to tangible assets like equipment, vehicles, buildings, etc. and have fixed rate, short term loan parameters. 

Tim shared a couple of interesting client stories with us and some other great tips for owners looking for financing! Listen to the episode now.

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