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The Power of Conscious Culture

The Power of Conscious Culture

5/26/2021 | 26 Minutes

Jaime Taets, CEO and Founder of Keystone Group International.  Her firm delivers business consulting services with an emphasis on team development and accountability. 

Culture is something you feel or don’t feel in a business. Asking your employees intentional questions about it (through a survey perhaps) is a start. The problem we are all facing right now in society is the fact that we have four generations in the workforce! Creating culture then becomes complicated because each generation can have a different idea of what culture should be. 

Leadership development is essential when developing a strong company culture. Not everyone has leadership skills, yet many of us expect people to step up when they’ve not been trained to handle the extra responsibility. 

There is now data to support the fact that strong company culture drives enterprise growth and can be measured at the bottom line. With the growing concern over the workforce shortage, there’s never been a better time to focus on your own company culture. 

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Julie Keyes, a life-time entrepreneur and founder of KeyeStrategies, understands what keeps an owner up at night and the balancing act required to work both ‘in’ and ‘on’ the business. The firm’s mission is to help business owners increase enterprise value and prepare for a future exit.
Julie believes in providing outside perspective and mentoring, which made all the difference for her while spending years growing and improving her companies before selling and becoming a business adviser in 2011.