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Podcast: What the Tech!

Podcast: What the Tech!

In this episode of #PoisedforExit, we interviewed Bret Erickson, President of Passkey Technology, a managed IT services firm. Bret has been on the show before, and we brought him back because we know by the number of downloads from the previous episode, he was a popular guest speaking on a hot topic.

Bret talked about how things have changed in technology since his last interview with us! Ransomware is running rampant and the cyber criminals are getting more savvy, Bret said. He’s hearing almost daily how companies are being hacked and held for ransom. The hackers are now deleting your backup, once they get into your system, so you have no choice but to pay them. So, what should you do? Use offsite backup systems.

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Julie Keyes, a life-time entrepreneur and founder of KeyeStrategies, understands what keeps an owner up at night and the balancing act required to work both ‘in’ and ‘on’ the business. The firm’s mission is to help business owners increase enterprise value and prepare for a future exit.
Julie believes in providing outside perspective and mentoring, which made all the difference for her while spending years growing and improving her companies before selling and becoming a business adviser in 2011.