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If you are looking for a business for sale, look no further than the professionals at Sunbelt Midwest. Sunbelt Midwest is a division of Sunbelt, a world-renowned group of business brokers and M&A intermediaries. When you are looking to acquire a business, our team of professionals can assist you during all steps of the process. Business buyers and sellers in communities throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois rely on Sunbelt Midwest for comprehensive, intelligent guidance.

What Buyers Are Saying

Buying a business is a huge financial step, and it helps to have the backing and support of an experienced business broker. The business intermediaries at Sunbelt Midwest have assisted countless clients in making purchase choices that benefit their companies in the long run. Buyers consistently remark on our ability to help them find the right business, leverage their money, finance acquisitions, and achieve their individual goals.

Areas Served

Buyers throughout Minnesota, including Minneapolis, Duluth, St. Cloud, and Rochester, MN, can benefit from our ability to find them ideal acquisition candidates, We also have office in Milwaukee, WI; Chicago, IL; and Las Vegas, NV. As business selling experts and business buying intermediaries, we offer business valuation services to sellers, thus helping buyers find the best acquisition opportunities based on a company’s value and cash flow.

Unfailing Business Savvy

Whether your goal is to buy or sell, business mergers and acquisitions are Sunbelt Midwest’s areas of expertise. If you want to purchase a company or sell your business, you likely have a number of questions, such as “what would be my maximum return if I were to sell my business?”, or “how do I find the best deals on available an business for sale?” Sunbelt Midwest will provide the experienced, business-savvy guidance you need to get the most out of your sale or purchase.

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