Exit Strategy Videos

Selling your business can be a daunting process to navigate.

As Minnesota’s largest seller of companies, our team assists hundreds of business owners each week with various parts of the exit process.

We’ve created a video series called 24 Rules to a Successful Business Exit, showcasing the rules which must be followed to maximize your odds of a successful exit.

Rule #1: Understand Your Exit Options

Rule #2: Assess the Key Value Drivers of Your Business Part 1

Rule #2: Assess the Key Value Drivers of Your Business Part 2

Rule #3: Prepare Your Business for an Exit

Rule #4: Tighten Up Your Financials

Rule #5: Build an Experienced Deal Team

Rule #6: Maintain Confidentiality Through the Process

Rule #7: Focus on Price, Terms and What You NET Instead of Only Price

Rule #8: Understand the All-Cash Sale

Rule #9: Know How to Calculate Your Company’s True Earning Power

Rule #10: Understand What Drives Valuation Multiples

Rule #11: Think Like a Buyer

Rule #12: Create a Market for Your Business Instead of Playing a Lottery With One Buyer

Rule #13: Craft a Compelling Message to Captivate Buyers

Rule #14: Tell Your Financial Story AND Your Business Growth Story

Rule #15: Move at the Speed of Trust

Rule #16: Understand Buyer Types

Rule #17: Qualify Your Buyers Early

Rule #18: Know the 4 Basic Elements of a Transaction

Rule #19: Be Open to Negotiation

Rule #20: Understand the Pros and Cons of Seller Financing

Rule #21: The Three Deaths

Rule #22: Maintain Business Momentum

Rule #23 & #24: Prepare for Your Personal and Financial Life After Closing


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