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Right now, there are dozens of BUYERS lined up interested in purchasing electrical businesses in the Twin Cities area. It is a seller’s market.

Right now, electrical businesses are SELLING – there is an extraordinary amount of pent-up capital waiting for the right opportunity in which to invest.

Right now, electrical businesses are selling at a PREMIUM – COVID 19 has created the backlog of capital and buyers that is driving demand higher.

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    How To Value and Sell Your Electrical Contracting Business

    It may be tempting to save the sales commission by marketing the business yourself, but a professional intermediary will be more prepared to get the deal done. You are unlikely to get the best deal if you do it yourself because your judgments about the value of your business are clouded by
    your emotional and financial investment. You don’t have the necessary contacts to locate qualified buyers or the background to deal with the legal, tax, accounting and regulatory issues you will face. Most important, you can’t broker a sale and run the business, too.

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    Richard Janke

    Richard Jahnke

    Richard has a long history in the Electrical Industry. He is adept at advising business owners to help them net the highest price possible for the sale of their business, taking into consideration the tax consequences, price and terms.

    Minnesota’s largest seller of companies.

    These electrical contracting businesses were sold by Sunbelt.

    Javvens electric inc. Showings: 31
    Gopher electric showings: 54
    Powerfully Green Solar. Showings: 29
    Russ Nelson Electric. Showings: 51

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