Sunbelt – Minnesota’s Largest Seller of Companies.

The dramatic “age wave” of businesses-for-sale activity with retiring Baby Boomers, has created an opportunity for business buyers, sellers, and entrepreneurs interested in mergers, acquisitions, and franchise opportunities.

Sunbelt Business Advisors, headquartered in Minneapolis, has the largest, most experienced group of business advisors, analysts and brokers anywhere; with a track record of delivering for clients in every industry category.

When you work with Sunbelt Business Advisors, you are assured professional, confidential and experienced counsel and FREE, no-obligation, Value-Range Assessment to see what a business might be worth.

Sunbelt is the only business broker with a guarantee that you’ll have ten buyer leads within 90-day of listing. Sunbelt also understands it’s not what you sell for, it’s what you NET. Sunbelt helps you NET more.

In addition, Sunbelt has hundreds of offices throughout the United States and in thirty countries. You won’t find more businesses for sale – or more buyers looking for businesses – anywhere else with over 10,000 listings with sales revenues up to $50,000,000. And Sunbelt has more M&A sales than any other group by far, with hundreds of businesses for sale with values greater than $1 million. Sunbelt truly has global reach!

See what our clients are saying about their experience with us – and our performance.

Sunbelt Business Advisors Named Among “Best Places to Work”