Provide the Right Information to the Right Buyers at the Right Time

The Sunbelt Confidentiality Assurance is our commitment to making sure your entire transaction is handled with the greatest possible security and confidence.

Sunbelt protects the privacy of the entire transaction, from our first point of contact until your business is sold.

  • We prescreen all potential buyers
  • Confidentiality Agreements are executed before sensitive information is disclosed
  • Meetings and visits with prospects are kept confidential
  • Detailed financial statements are typically not shared until after an offer is written
  • You have the final say on your confidential marketing campaign

“Dero’s owners built a company that dominates its market niche and, because of their strong business model and management team, created a lot of value. Sunbelt was hired to manage and navigate the acquisition process, which was done confidentially and in a very short time frame.”
– Dero / Manufacturing Company