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$50MM Revenue Food Distributor, $3MM EBITDA

The company is a specialty food distributor located in the upper Midwest that serves grocery stores and other food retailers. The business was launched by industry veterans in 2015 and has methodically grown to $50 million of revenue with strong EBITDA-to-Revenue margins.

A talented management team has identified a variety of future growth opportunities. Ownership has concluded that the business would be more valuable in the hands of a larger company either with a current industry footprint or one intent on growing the business to the next level.

A prospective buyer will have to execute and return an NDA and Acquirer Profile. Qualified submissions will be provided a detailed report and other information on this high-growth opportunity.

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Listing ID:
Undisclosed > Midwest
SDE (Cash Flow):
Listing Agent:
Dan Mulvaney
Employees (Full-Time):
Reason for selling:
Seeking strategic buyer or financial growth partner
Earnest money depositLimit for deposit is $50,000

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