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Franchise advisors at Sunbelt help entrepreneurs – like you – find the best franchise opportunities.

About us

Sunbelt Franchise Sales provides a FREE franchise consulting service to individuals considering business ownership. It’s a service we provide to help evaluate the best types of business opportunities for you. Our local franchise specialist can help you evaluate franchise options based on your business and personal goals to find your “Perfect Match”.

Why consider a franchise?

Franchises make great opportunities for entrepreneurs who have varying levels of experience running a business. They make great ‘first-time’ opportunities, or great extensions of an already successful business portfolio. Great franchises provide expertise that brings owner/operator benefits.

  • Processes that reduce costly mistakes
  • Proven operational systems
  • Create economies of sale
  • Opportunity to share best practices
  • An environment where you can be in business for yourself but not by yourself

Franchise investment options

The Business Advisors at Sunbelt Franchise Sales can help you navigate the complexities of licensing, regardless of the situation your considering:

  • Single License
  • Multiple License
  • 2+ territories, potential discounts (5-10K) for each additional license
  • Area Development License
  • License to operate anywhere in area
  • Own and operate each location
  • Regional Development License/Master License
  • Purchase rights to state
  • Local market partner with Franchisor
  • Award licenses/Share Franchise Fee and Royalty w/ Franchisor

Sunbelt franchise evaluation process

Sunbelt’s proven process can help you move into the right entrepreneurial opportunity

  • First, complete and submit the Franchise Match form at top of this page
  • Next we’ll discuss your business & personal goals with a Franchise Specialist
  • We can help you determine a great franchise match and evaluate franchise opportunities
  • Provide introductions to Financial Lending firms, Franchise Attorneys and CPAs

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