Helping Entrepreneurs Finance the Business of Their Dreams

About Sunbelt Finance

Sunbelt Finance provides financial consulting services to individuals considering business and or real estate acquisition ownership, business startups, equipment financing, SBA Express Lines of Credit etc.

Our Specialist Can Assist With the Following Services at No Cost to the Borrower:


SBA/Conventional Bank Loan Pre-Qualification Analysis

  • Review buyer’s personal financial statement
  • Provide analysis (debt to income ratio) of potential financing and appropriate investment level.

Direct Access to SBA Preferred Lenders 

  • Sunbelt Finance has developed relationships with the very finest SBA Preferred Lenders in the marketplace providing competitive lending rates and terms.
  • These lenders focus on SBA lending and can get deals done that other banks can’t.  They underwrite their SBA loans internally, without SBA approval, which speeds up the process considerably.
  • We receive the best rates and terms for our buyers because of the volume of referral business that we direct to these banks.

Assistance with SBA Loan Application, Facilitation to Loan Close

  • Assistance with compiling appropriate loan application documents
  • Assistance with filing loan application
  • Developing the SBA required business plan
  • Developing the SBA required financial performance projections with assumptions
  • Direction with loan due diligence

Referral access to the Industry Leader in Retirement Plan Business Funding (ROBS) for SBA Loan Buyer Equity Injection-Down Payment Funds  

  • Quicker access to retirement plan funds (typically three to four weeks)
  • No early distribution taxes or penalties
  • No business financials are required/applies to new and existing businesses
  • Business sponsors a qualified retirement plan to build wealth
  • Can be used to expand the business or provide additional working capital
  • Up to 100% of existing funds available for use

Referral Access to Retirement Plan Funding with Corporate Capitalization Strategy

Significant Advantages including Tax:

  • You may be able to pay ZERO Federal and State tax on any gain on the sale of the business
  • Up to 100% of the gain can be invested to grow tax-free, including making an investment in another business
  • When money is withdrawn from the plan, it will not be subject to federal or state tax
  • You are not required to start receiving mandatory payments at age 70 ½
  • Any unpaid dividends will be subject to corporate tax
  • Must be a “qualified distribution”, and participant must be at least 59 ½ with at least 5 years of Roth participation
  • The money must be rolled into a Roth IRA that has been in existence for at least 5 years