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Own a PROSE Franchise

Own a PROSE Franchise

Searching for a Post-COVID-19 Business Investment? Why You Must Consider PROSE Nail Boutiques

Nate McFarland, CEO of PROSE

Since the opening of our very first location in Phoenix, PROSE nail boutiques have been rigorously
devoted to serving not only guests’ beauty needs, but prioritizing their health as well. We use nontoxic
and ethically sourced products that have been shown to heal and protect nails and skin rather
than cause damage. With a focus on holistic hand and foot care, we have always abided by robust
cleanliness standards and sophisticated sanitation practices—including medical-grade Autoclave
sterilization equipment.

In addition, PROSE offers thoughtful touch points for guests such as ring cleaning, healthy
refreshments and phone chargers in a clean and on-trend setting. A risk-free membership model is
designed to make manicures and pedicures a regular and affordable part of the consumer’s lifestyle.

As our boutiques prepare to adjust to the business landscape following COVID-19 regulations, it is
clear that this situation will forever change how mani and pedi services are administered. With
devoted clients eager to book appointments when boutiques reopen, the industry poses a prominent
and fruitful business opportunity for franchise investors. Looking ahead of future trends, myself, Beau
Citron, VP of Operations and the PROSE team, have identified new policies that will soon become
industry standard.

Here are some of the ways we at PROSE are committing to our guest’s health and safety moving

  • Implementing clear space guidelines. If social distancing has shown us anything, it is that
    physical distance can heighten protection for individual safety. Even outside of COVID-19
    droplets, creating distance between stations will ensure that immunocompromised guests
    —and our nail artists—will stay safe through flu season and beyond.
  • Using sneeze guards between each nail artist and guest. Germs and pathogens are not
    just limited to the coronavirus. Sneeze guards allow us to keep artists and guests safe
    without limiting the personal nature of the experience.
  • Offering clean masks for all employees and guests. Under the current situation, masks
    have quickly become a symbol of cleanliness and mutual respect. While PROSE boutiques
    are free of the toxins that come with chemical-laden nail and skin products, we intend to
    offer masks to avoid the transmission of any undetectable viruses or pathogens.
  • Providing protective shields for salon employees. It is the responsibility of businesses to
    provide ample protection for customers and our employees. With protective face shields,
    customers and guests will be safe from other people in the facility throughout their
  • Enacting contactless check-ins and removing waiting areas. We will move toward mobile
    appointment check-in and check-out to minimize guest contact with other individuals.
    Through our custom app this self-service method will also allow us to move more quickly
    and admit guests as soon as their artist’s station is sanitized for the appointment.

We at PROSE aren’t just temporarily changing our business practices to accommodate COVID-19. If
anything, this crisis has shown us how consumer needs will adapt and evolve in the future. We’re
proud to pioneer safe and healthy standards in the hand and foot care industry.

If you are currently exploring where to make your next franchise investment, I urge you to consider
choosing our nail salon as a future venture and become a part of the PROSE family as the brand
continues to grow nationwide. If the hand and foot care industry’s resilience and adoption of new
crisis-proof standards is any indication, nail salons are an investment with longevity. This valuable
service will always have a place in customers’ lives, and it’s up to us to make it as safe and conscious
as possible.

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