Sunbelt Sponsored Canine

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As sponsors of Can Do Canines, Sunbelt Business Advisors’ mission statement, “help people and success will follow,” perfectly aligns with the Can Do Canines mission to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities through partnerships with specially trained dogs. As the largest provider of assistance dogs in Minnesota, Can Do Canines has been providing fully-trained dogs to individuals with various disabilities since 1989, free of charge. Their innovative approaches, such as training dogs to detect low glucose levels in people with diabetes and assisting individuals with seizure disorders, showcase their commitment to finding new ways to support those in need. Through our sponsorship of Can Do Canines, we align with their mission and contribute to their efforts to extend their reach, enhance engagement, and elevate their impact, ultimately making a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities in our community.

Meet North, a three-year-old furry ball of energy and love, already proving herself to be a canine superstar in the making. Named by the Sunbelt Team, she’s a proud member of the Can Do Canines family, embarking on an exciting journey of training and discovery. With each session, North showcases her intelligence, eagerness to learn, and unwavering loyalty, ready to make a difference in someone’s life.

North’s journey began at our WAG (Whelping and Growth) Center where she spent 5 weeks with her litter mates, followed by 5 weeks in weaning. She currently resides in a host home until she reaches 20 weeks old. Afterwards, she will join one of the Can Do Canines prison partners for 6-9 months, continuing her training and development. Watch out world, with North leading the way, anything is possible!

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