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5 Reasons to Use One Firm for Tax & Bookkeeping/Accounting

5 Reasons to Use One Firm for Tax & Bookkeeping/Accounting

Article Written By Pete Carlson with Rock Solid Financials

Fall is in the air; college football, kids going back to school…..wait, none of those things are happening. The weather will still change though unless COVID can change that as well.

Fall is a great time to evaluate your tax/bookkeeping relationship. Here are 5 reasons why you should have one firm for these services.

1) Cost savings – as a business owner you understand bundling and volume. A greater spend with one firm allows a more competitive price.

2) Time savings – one point of contact will save you time as a business owner and we know time = $.

3) Tax savings – when the left hand knows what the right hand is doing it benefits the client. Bookkeeping & tax working on the same team helps build a proactive/teamwork approach that allows for proactive tax planning for the client.

4) Customer service – the client has a team from the same firm that is working together to get you the answers you need quickly!

5) Fixed pricing – support all year! – An ongoing bookkeeping/tax relationship allows you to contact your CPA/bookkeeper without getting nickeled and dimed with hourly rates. Wouldn’t it be nice to e-mail or text your CPA year round if something pops up?

Now is a great time to get a free consultation before the snow flies and tax season begins!

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