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How to Develop Leadership Skills Through Mentoring

How to Develop Leadership Skills Through Mentoring

In addition to the feel-good benefits that come by helping others, you can develop your professional leadership skills through mentoring.

In today’s world of work, it is often up to the individual to own their career success. Unfortunately, this often includes seeking out your own opportunities for leadership skills. The good news is, that regardless of your budget, there are many ways to grow professionally without spending a dime.
One way to do this is through professional mentoring. In addition to the feel good benefits that comes from helping others, mentoring is a wonderful way to develop your professional leadership skills and gain valuable experience.
The benefits of mentoring for the mentee are well known. But let’s talk about the benefits of mentoring for the mentor:
Mentoring benefits

  • Mentoring allows you to give something back— to the organization, but also to a younger person.
  • You can share your valuable knowledge and experience. This boosts your own confidence and sense of self-worth.
  • It allows you to practice your active listening skills. This is a leadership skill that comes in handy when you’re trying to collect feedback from your teams or brainstorm solutions.
  • Being a mentor builds your interpersonal skills – a valuable asset in negotiations and team building.
  • You are able to build connections and your professional network.
  • You learn about company resources you may not have known existed, and identify talent that might fill an opening on your team.
  • Mentoring can inspire new enthusiasm for your own career path.
  • You can gain a sense of satisfaction about your personal brand, and the valuable knowledge you offer your organization.

All of these benefits assist you in your ongoing professional development. They also provide a great opportunity to improve your own prospects for future development and advancement.
Today, budgets are often low and your manager may not know the best ways to invest in your professional growth. Don’t wait for someone else to provide you with opportunities to develop your leadership skills. Be proactive. Serve as a mentor for someone else. Enjoy the benefits to your personal peace of mind and professional development.
This article was reprinted from Right Management.