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Most Shoppers Never Buy

Most Shoppers Never Buy

(Excerpt from Selling Your Business for Dummies – co-authored by the CEO of Sunbelt, the world’s largest business brokerage firm)

Here’s a stunningly disappointing fact: Within the business
brokerage industry, research shows that nine out of ten people who search for
businesses for sale never close a deal.
And of those who do close, they almost always buy a business other than
the one they initially inquired about.
The fallout between interest and action is due to two main factors.  First, most business shoppers have never
purchased a business before, and they don’t realize until they start responding
to ads just how much is involved and how unprepared they are to complete the
process.  Second when they start looking,
buyers realize how many options they have, and their attention gets diverted
from the business that first caught their eye to one that seems a whole lot
more interesting, successful and affordable.

Business Brokers work to convert shoppers to buyers by
working with networks of professionals & advising them to find the right
business for them.