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Multiple offers, a sign of strength in business sales

Multiple offers, a sign of strength in business sales

Multiple offers, a sign of strength in business sales

A sure sign buyer activity is on the rise is the return of multiple offers. Business sales were up nearly 4% in the first quarter of 2012 according to BizBuySell, the internet’s largest business for sale marketplace. Over 1,700 business were reported as sold which is the largest number reported since the fourth quarter of 2008. “Many factors are contributing to the return of multiple offers from an increase of buyers on the market to business owners willing to finance a portion of the sale, regardless multiple offers allow a business owner to choose the best option for selling a business,” said Ed Krajcir President of the Milwaukee office of Sunbelt Midwest.

Businesses for sale that receive multiple offers typically have a good chance of selling quickly. With the business for sale market increasing it becomes important for serious buyers to submit an offer on a business of interest. “If you are a buyer, and you find a business that is right for you, act quickly. The buyers that are winning in multiple offer situations are prepared and lead with reasonable offers,” said Ed. “A difference of a few thousand dollars or whether the buyer intends to continue using the business name and logo can have a huge impact on a business owners decision to accept an offer. When reviewing multiple offers we advise our clients to consider what is most important to them. Selling a business is often one of the most important and emotional decisions a business owner will make. Sometimes what is most important to a business owner is not just selling price but the intentions of the buyer to continue to grow the business long term. Business owners put blood, sweat and tears into their businesses and when it comes time to selling businesses, Sunbelt Business Brokers make sure the person or company buying the business is the right fit.”

Sunbelt is the world’s largest business brokerage and has access to more potential buyers than anyone else. The expertise Sunbelt brokers have helps sell businesses confidentially, quickly and for the best price and terms. Sunbelt’s fees are success-based and get paid only when a transaction closes. Selling a business can be very time-consuming. Sunbelt’s system is designed to streamline the time involved, as well as mitigate the inevitable emotional difficulty a business owner typically faces during the process.

“Our process is thorough, and at Sunbelt Midwest we focus on the bottom line,” said Ed. “First, we find out why an owner wants to sell. Sometimes it is to retire or proceed to another business venture. Knowing the business owners motivation is essential in finding the best buyer. After this initial meeting, we will do a complete recast and valuation of the business financials in order to determine the best selling price and terms. Some business owners need a certain amount of cash at closing and we make sure to bring offers to the table to meet each specific business owner’s aspirations.”

About Sunbelt Midwest
Sunbelt Midwest is an elite division of Sunbelt, the largest organization of business brokers and M & A professionals in the world. With five offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Chicago, Illinois; and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sunbelt Midwest is a premier brokerage. The business brokers and M & A intermediaries of Sunbelt Midwest, consistently rank in the top performers of Sunbelt International. Sunbelt Midwest is trusted with coordinating all of the national franchisor relationships for Sunbelt. Because of this interaction, Sunbelt Midwest has a unique ability to market businesses throughout Sunbelt internationally. Sunbelt Midwest truly has a GLOBAL reach!