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How do I value my Home Healthcare Business so that I can maximize the proceeds of a sale?

How do I value my Home Healthcare Business so that I can maximize the proceeds of a sale?

Valuing your business for sale properly is critical before you decide to sell.

There are a lot of things to consider.

All business owners will consider selling their business one day. And there are a lot of reasons why. As a business owner considering alternatives for transition, you may not have family members ready and willing to step into your ownership role. Perhaps you were considering selling to a key manager, but they may not be able to buy your company or may not share your vision.

Regardless of the reasons for selling, one thing is for certain. Although it may be tempting to market the business and sell it yourself, you are unlikely to get the best price and terms without a professional intermediary.

The simple fact is this:  It’s very difficult to broker a sale on your own and run your business. Listing, marketing and selling a company is time-consuming work that requires experience and expertise.

I have brokered the sale of many home healthcare companies. It is a full-time job, particularly in today’s seller’s market. The industry continues to see strong buyer activity as many potential owners want to enter the market based on its growth and potential. Interest rates are at historical lows, making SBA loans attractive.

Home healthcare business owners can see multiple offers when listing with Sunbelt.

In valuing home healthcare businesses, we look at key value driversthat help us determine what your business might sell for. Value drivers include owner dependency, experienced staff-in-place, sales sustainability, how long the business has been in the market, and referral networks.

In addition, your financial information should be recast to determine the cash flow, or owner benefits, that will support what a new owner can pay in debt service and the salary they require. Again, it helps to have an experienced business advisor and broker – who is an industry expert – pull this information together.

Whether you have a basic or comprehensive license, 245D, PCA agency, or an assisted living facility, I can provide you with a complimentary value range to help you determine the value of your business.

Sunbelt Business Advisors will market your company with the best and most effective marketing.  We have many current and potential buyers in this market.  These many contact sources will allow you to get the best possible price through competition we create.

My team at Sunbelt Business Advisors isMinnesota’s Largest Seller of Companies. We sell more businesses than any other broker, bank or law firm.

With today’s Seller’s market and the wide interest in Home Health Care from Buyers, it is a great time to consider selling.

Rich Kelm
Business Broker