Sunbelt wants to help you be OPEN FOR BUSINESS

As Minnesota’s largest seller of companies Sunbelt wants to help you be open for business.  Below are links to resources you may find useful.

From a high level we are still seeing deals happening, especially in “essential” businesses such as manufacturing, distribution, trucking, health care, technology and many other industries.

Many buyers are adding special “Covid-19” contingencies to their offers.  For restaurants, gyms, travel and other highly disrupted businesses we are seeing closing dates delayed.

Strategic buyers remain quite active as they have cash on their balance sheets and want to grow.  Financial buyers are a mixed bag, with more cautious buyers taking a wait-and-see attitude.  More aggressive financial buyers are taking advantage of low interest rates and other buyer-friendly financing terms.  Buyers are also realizing that SBA loans prior to  September 27, 2020 have a tremendous incentive: no payments for 6 months.  These payments are not deferred.  They are made for the business buyer/borrower.  Sunbelt can help connect you with top SBA lenders for more details.

If you’ve been thinking about selling in the next 1-2 years Sunbelt can help you assess whether now is a good time to do so.

We encourage you to check out the resources below.  The best business owners know what their companies are worth and they have an exit plan.  As always Sunbelt is happy to provide a complimentary value range.