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What Does a Booming Economy Mean to the Value of your Business?

What Does a Booming Economy Mean to the Value of your Business?

The stock market keeps climbing, interest rates are low, consumer confidence is near an all-time high. This is a perfect storm for getting the most for your business if you are considering selling now. If you are not, you should at least find out what your business might be worth. Records are being broken in the economy.

The strategic buyer pool for transportation/trucking companies continues to be extremely aggressive. If selling your business has crossed your mind recently, all these factors make right now the time you might want to consider selling.

Every business owner will exit their business someday. And one thing is for sure; the best time to sell a good business, is when it is still a good business.

Here are some ways Sunbelt can help you net the most when the time comes to sell:

  • Sunbelt has a Larger Buyer Pool – As the largest business broker in the world, we have the greatest reach when it comes to finding buyers. We will actively target the best strategic buyers for your business, with the goal of generating multiple offers for your business – which should mean a better selling price.
  • Confidentiality – We know it is critical that selling your business is highly confidential – you can’t ‘let the cat out of the bag.’ Sunbelt manages confidentiality so that employees, customers, vendors, and competitors don’t find out about your thoughts about, or plans for selling.
  • Selling Process that Increases Your NET- Sunbelt has a proven selling process that maximizes not only the price of your business, but more importantly, your net-after-closing tax dollars. Our process will even save on legal fees and accounting costs.
  • Marketing and Due Diligence Expertise – Details like knowing how to price your business to attract the most buyers and how to manage the due diligence process, with your sales price intact, are what can make the difference between a stressful – and successful – sale.

At Sunbelt, we have more industry experts than any other broker; and of course, that means transportation. As a member of the Minnesota Trucking Association, we understand the unique challenges that go into selling a business in the transportation industry. Please lean on our experience to help you with this process.

This reprinted article was written by:
Dan Arcand
Transportation Specialist
Sunbelt Business Advisors
612-288-1620 (Office) / 651-402-0098 (Cell)

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