Value of Seller Financing in SBA Loans

Provided by Credit Bench

Why is seller financing sometimes needed on business acquisition deals?

Answer from a lender perspective:

  1. Lack of buyer industry experience
  2. Lack of buyer business ownership experience
  3. Limited buyer liquidity for either down payment or post close cash

What are the advantages of seller financing to the seller:

  • Maximizes selling price
  • Sells business faster
  • Great rate of return on money being held back
  • Deferred taxes

What are the advantages of seller financing to the buyer:

  • Buy a business that otherwise might be unattainable
  • Gives reassurance that the seller is engaged and supports transaction
  • Builds confidence that the due diligence information is legitimate
  • Qualifies & closes transaction quicker

NEW SBA Procedural notice update:

  • Seller debt may be considered part of the equity injection if it is on “full standby” for the first 24 months of the 7(a)-loan compared to the previous 10-year “full standby” requirement.

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