3 Benefits of Using Sunbelt with Your Own Buyer

By Matt Silasiri – Marketing and Business Development Manager

A common misconception about business brokers and M&A advisors is that we only help owners find a buyer for their business.

3 major benefits of using Sunbelt when you already have a buyer:

1. Avoid your buyer dragging their feet and controlling the deal.

2. Negotiate ideal terms and deal structure.

3. Assistance in navigating complicated due diligence processes.

While selling to a 3rd party represents most of our deals, below are multiple transition options we can assist with.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using Sunbelt when you have an interested buyer is to make sure you’re not leaving money on the table with an accurate business valuation.

If you’d like to learn more about exit strategy, we created a video series for you- 24 Rules to a Successful Business Exit.
You can check them out here. These short videos are the ultimate quick-start guide of the exit process.

Questions about the exit process, or valuation? Call us today (612) 235-3511.

About Sunbelt Business Advisors of Minnesota

The Sunbelt Business Advisors Minneapolis office is the largest office in the Sunbelt network with a staff of over 50 advisors, associates, analysts, and business development representatives. In 2021 the firm was recognized by the International Business Brokers Association as the #1 firm in the country and the first firm in history to sweep all three first-in class awards. Sunbelt provides services to business owners interested in selling their businesses, assistance with merger and acquisition activities, complimentary business value assessments, and advice to business owners seeking to maximize their life’s work when they exit. The firm provides business brokerage and mergers & acquisitions services for companies with revenues from $500,000 to $150 million. More information is available at www.sunbeltmidwest.com (<Under $5 million revenue) and www.tnma.com ($5 – $150 million in revenue).