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Discounted Cash Flow Estimation: A Private Equity Valuation Method
Whether you’re actively selling your privately-held business or not, as the owner of a company you may wonder about the value of your business and how it will impact your options. In that case, you may want to consider a discounted cash flow analysis. But there are multiple ways to value your privately-held company, and...
5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Buying a Car Wash
For years, buying car washes have been a promising investment for those interested in buying a business. However, as car washes become more automated and cars and consumers continue to evolve, the industry has changed significantly. If you’re thinking about buying a car wash business, there are several important questions to consider before you sign...
How to sell a manufacturing business for the most cash
There are three primary considerations when approaching such a transaction: how to maximize the seller’s economics, how to time the market and how to make the business financially attractive to buyers willing and able to pay the most. This paper by Dan Mulvaney, CPA (inactive), MBA, Sunbelt Business Advisors tells you how a manufacturing business...
How to Develop Leadership Skills Through Mentoring
In addition to the feel-good benefits that come by helping others, you can develop your professional leadership skills through mentoring. In today’s world of work, it is often up to the individual to own their career success. Unfortunately, this often includes seeking out your own opportunities for leadership skills. The good news is, that regardless...
10 Things to Look Out for When Buying a Business
You’re buying a business and have already “shook hands” on the deal. But there are some things you should insist on before you formally close. Make sure you’re buying the assets, not the business: Form a separate company to purchase the business assets if the seller is a corporation or LLC. First, you will receive...
9 Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Business
Buying a business is not just finding that thing to match your skills or passion. It’s not just signing on the bottom line. Sometimes that is not enough. Before you put your signature on that offer, be sure to ask these questions of the seller and their business advisor. Questions all buyers should be asking...

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