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When the holiday conversation turns to selling your agency.

When the holiday conversation turns to selling your agency.

Written by Business Broker, Keith Payne

In my home, the holiday season provides time when conversations with lasting meaning take place – about the future, the upcoming year, what’s next. Caring family members bring up taking more time for other important things like concern for your health and suggesting you would enjoy retirement.

For many agency owners, it is a time to talk to family and friends and start thinking through selling their agency and how that can bring a positive impact to their lives, and the future.

There are a lot of reasons why this is a really important time to think through this. Here are just a few.

Right now, it’s a seller’s market. There are literally HUNDREDS of BUYERS interested in purchasing independent agencies right now. If you were to decide to sell right now, you could expect lots of offers for the right agency!

There’s pent-up capital waiting for the right opportunity. This contributes to the seller’s market and is driving up demand. You should connect with an expert broker and hear about what’s going on in the market.

How good is the market? I recently helped a family-owned agency get multiple offers and close in five months!

And for the record, Ted Dyste, President & CEO of Dyste-Williams said he appreciated the expertise that using a professional broker/advisor meant to him. He said he was impressed with the skills that an Insurance Agency Expert brought to his transaction. That matters.

One thing is for certain! You should have that expert on your side if and when your friendly competitor ever approaches you with a deal! Their deal can sound really good – almost too good to be true.Make sure you have unbiased, professional representation in an arrangement like that.

Finally, remember: The best time to sell a good agency is when it is still a good agency.

If your agency is healthy and you are thinking about selling in the near future, now is the time to consider the options. We offer FREE Agency Valuations, and we should get one going for you.

Get all the info, so if and when the conversations start, you are the one with the facts.
We can do the homework for you – you make all the decisions.

The other assurance you should be able to give yourself – and your family – is that you will work with an expert who makes sure you get the very best net out of your closing. Sunbelt Business Advisors guarantees that, and you should expect it.

The next six weeks will be busy with family, and it’s a good time of year to reflect back and look forward.
If you are thinking about selling your agency, you should get all the info.

Have someone do the homework for you – so you have the facts.

Have a great holiday season.

Keith Payne is an Insurance Agency Expert at Sunbelt Business Advisors.

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