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What Fascinates You Enough to Buy a Business

Many will suggest that it is only the number of dollars that makes you interested in purchasing a business, but to buy a business in Minneapolis, there will normally need to be several other attractions for an investor or business operator to become engaged in what you offer. How Can You Make Your Business Look […]

Avoid 10 Mistakes When Calculating Working Capital (NWC)

by Joanne Baginksi, Axial Forum You might think that calculating net working capital (NWC) is a relatively simple exercise – current assets less current liabilities. However, this simple exercise can turn into a very complicated calculation during the transition process. At a time when both buyers and sellers just want to move on, they instead face […]

Is Your Business Ready to Sell?

Thinking that your business is ready for sale is different from formally planning and knowing that your business is ready and available. To sell a business in St Cloud MN, you are in competition with all other businesses for sale which must be compared to the number of investors and those looking to own and […]

The Best Way to Sell a Local Pharmacy

Where you to consider each business for sale in Duluth, MN, you may wonder why independent pharmacies become available for sale. They are always busy operations, and you may not understand the state regulations and insurance concerns about owning or running a pharmacy. This is where our help and assistance proves invaluable. Is A Pharmacy […]

Should You Sell Your Business to A Competitor?

Deciding when to sell your business is always a difficult decision. When sales and profits are riding high, you may wish to hang on to reap the benefits. When sales are diminishing rapidly, you may wish to sell quickly to get the best valuation for your business as you can. Businesses for sale in Minneapolis […]

How to Prepare to Best Market Your Business for Sale

You may not wish your customers and employees to know that you intend to place your business for sale in MN. Introducing our company as business brokers while managing confidentiality is a difficult task, so what is the best way to market your business for sale? When You Find Buyers? However well you plan to […]

Selling Your Business Through Social Media Contacts

Social media provides an enormous source of information, news, and engagement with readers. Often, it provides a great outlet for connections that may help you to sell your business in St Cloud, MN. Add Social Media to Your Budget While you may already understand that you should add social media marketing to your budget, so […]

How Easy Is It to Find the Best Business Brokers?

When you are looking to buy or sell a business of any size, you will inevitably turn to business brokers because they will be able to offer a wide variety of companies for sale. They have the inside knowledge and may know of businesses for sale, but not yet available on the open market. They […]

When You Buy a Business, What Worries You the Most?

There are many actions that you can take to ensure that a small business for sale in MN is right for you. By purchasing through an excellent business broker, they will have carried out a valuation inspection and partial due diligence to ensure the business is legitimate and that the figures are correct. Detailing Your […]

Do Customer Reviews Influence the Way You Manage Your Business?

Customer Reviews Influence the Way You Manage Your Business Online communities can be a double-edged-sword.  Reviews posted online can be a great showcase of positive sentiment, but also allow disgruntled customers an easy way to very visibly post grievances. When buying or selling a business, people will almost certainly spend time online looking at reviews […]

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